How do I enter Multi-Title Trade Paperback Issues?
Option 1: The No Detail TPB Entry

Realms allows you to enter multi-title trade paperback (one where the issues included come from several different titles) in several ways, varying by the amount of detail you wish to enter for the issues contained in the TPB.

Below is an explanation of what I call the No Detail Version of the TPB Entry process (least amount of entry, but no issue specific info).  You also have the option of using use the Summary Detail version (intermediate level of detail - allows for tracking of TPB contents, but no detail beyond that), or the Detail Version (most detailed entry, where TPB contents are entered just like regular issues, with some minor differences to insure data accuracy of your collection).

TPB Entry - No Detail Version:

For those of us who really don't care about the contents of trade paperbacks, I assume you'll use this option, where you enter the TPB itself only, with no additional information.

This assumes you probably don't buy a lot of TPBs, and/or you really want to track the actual issues, and you don't count the contents of a TPB as the issue itself.

This is by far the least amount of data entry.  However, you'll know nothing about the actual contents of the TPB.

Let's use, as an example, the Uncanny X-Men: Mutant Massacre TPB from Marvel.  As always, you will have to enter the TPB as a title first.  Once that is done, enter it as an issue.  That's it.  you are done.