Image of the Anthology Data window The "canned" reports section has been expanded quite a bit since version 3.0, but this is an area that could easily be enhanced forever, which is a major reason I improved the Collection Summary Window to allow you to produce almost any report from there.

Below is a list of all the reports, with a brief
description of their purpose and/or the data on them. All of the reports can be exported to pretty much any standard format - Excel, Lotus, Word, CSV, etc.

Collection List
This report lists any or all of your issues. You can select which titles to include by publisher and/or by individual title. The report displays basic information (Title, Issue Number, Location, Cost, Value, Comments).
Missing Issues Report
I use this report more than any other, by far. This report does what it says. It goes through your collection and figures out which issues you are missing, and then prints them by title. You can choose which titles to include or exclude. This report is invaluable when attending shows or going through boxes of back issues at you favorite comic book shop.
For Sale List
This report will list any issues that you have identified as being for sale (by entering a value in the "Selling Price Field". In addition, if you choose, it will display all issues of which you own more than one copy. I figured that might be helpful in determining if you would like to sell any of these issues.
Subscription List
This report identifies all the titles which you have marked as "Subscribing To:". It will calculate your expected monthly cost, taking into account any discounts you receive and your local sales tax. You can print out this report and give it to your local comic shop so they'll put these titles aside for you.
Wish List Report
This report lists the issues you have identified that you don't currently own, but would like to. This is another report which is very useful at shows and other times of peak buying frenzy.
Distribution Reports
These are a series of graphs and reports that break down your collection by publisher or source. It is primarily for informational purposes, but you might be interested to find out what per cent of your collection is Marvel, or how much only your DC comics are worth, etc.
Autographed Issues Report
As the name suggests, this report will list all the issues you have identified as being autographed (by entering something in the "Autographed By" field). This is useful for showing off to your comic collecting friends (assuming you have some interesting autographs).
Issue Detail Report
This report is really a hard copy of the Comic Detail Window, giving you all the information for an individual issue.
Title List
This report displays all the titles in your collection.
Review / Ratings Report
This report will display all the issues you have reviewed / rated, (or you can choose to have it print the review for the current issue only). This is ideal for uploading reviews to any electronic media (web pages, for example). We frustrated (and as of yet undiscovered) writers can use this report to get our reviews on line.
This report will produce 1" x 3" standard Avery sized labels (3 across X 10 down). Each label displays the Title, Issue number, Issue Date, Value and any Comments.
Expense reports

Ad Hoc Reports (Collection Summary Window)