How (and why) to register as a user of Realms of Wonder

If you like this software, and you use it regularly, you can help keep independent software developers (like me) alive and, at the same time, prove to all the cynics who told me that I'll never see a dime from anyone, that there are plenty of honest people left.

By sending in $15.00 you will receive the files necessary to upgrade you to the complete version of Realms of Wonder, which removes the restriction on the number of issues you can enter.

In addition, you become a registered user of Realms of Wonder (pretty exciting, huh?).

This guarantees you eternal life, invulnerability, superhuman strength and inexaustible wealth. Well, maybe not.

But it does mean you will receive free upgrades, unlimited customer support and my undying gratitude (OK, I realize that's a bit over done).

And, you will be striking a blow for "truth, justice and the American way" (or the Canadian way, or the Swedish way, or wherever you happen to be from).  More importantly, you will be doing your part to prove that honesty and integrity not only survive, but actually thrive in this often cynical world.

If I haven't made you feel guilty enough by this point to part with a measly 15 bucks, then as a last ditch appeal to whatever shreds of humanity you may still possess, how about sending an extra comic or two of comparable value. Super heroes (and even the villains, for that matter) from all universes and all time lines will be proud of you.

You can register either of two ways, the first by far being the preferred method:

1. Register through RegNet on the Internet (the fastest method)

This program can be registered through RegNet - The Registration Network by using any of the following methods:

The advantage of registering online is that I will be notified within a few hours of your registration, and I can get the upgrade files to you via email usually the same day.

2. Use Paypal

Click the button below to register through Paypal.  As mentioned above, the advantage of online registration is much faster turnaround.

3. You can always register through the good old US Mail.

If you decide to go this route, please send $15.00 (send a check or money order) to:

Francis X. Moon
63 Lumm Lot Road
Southbury CT, 06488

Obviously this method will take from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the speed of the mail delivery. Be sure to include your EMail address if you have one. Then I can send you the necessary upgrade files electronically.