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Version 5.8.0 (and newer) lets you pull data from the web (and there was much rejoicing!!) - tired of typing in all that data - click here to find out how ROW (and GCD, of course) do it for you.
Ok, I know what you're saying to yourself (well, actually I don't, but I have to start this page off somehow):

"What is Realms of Wonder?"

"Why should I bother checking this out at all?"

"Why do I need software for my comic collection in the first place?"

"Do I really want to know how much I've been spending on what some, less enlightened people might consider a fairly frivolous hobby?"

Well, assuming the last question didn't lead you to run screaming from your PC, read on.

What's NewUpdated 07/10/2012

Realms of Wonder is a windows based application (sorry, MAC users), designed to help you keep track of almost every facet of your your Comic Book collection (at least every facet I could think of).

I started collecting comics a few years ago, and pretty quickly found myself buying copies of issues I already owned, so I put this application together just to help me keep track of my collection.

Since then, it has grown enormously in scope, so I decided to offer it to other like minded and equally overwhelmed collectors.

Let me clarify one thing up front. This application is designed to track your collection, not to be an on-line history of comics, encyclopedia or an on-line price guide. It is in no way associated with or endorsed by any Publisher, Price Guide, Creator, Writer, Superhero, etc., etc., etc.  Bottom line - it's just little old me.

Anyway, explore this site to get some details on Realms of Wonder. If you like, you can download a fully functional demo version to check it out in detail.

If you do decide to become a registered user, it's only $15.00.

Ok, enough of the sales pitch. Look around, and let me know what you think.