Now That I have all these features and tools, what's the best way to get it all to work so I do as little as possible

Ok, now you've got ROW up and running.  You've got all kinds of features you can use, but you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of getting you entire 10,000 book collection into ROW

Take a deep breath (Ahhhh ....) and here's what I suggest:

As you know by now, you have to enter a title before you can enter any issues.   You can enter one title at a time and then the related issues, or you can enter a bunch of titles at once, and go back later and do the issues.

Either way, I strongly suggest you download and install For What It's Worth (FWIW)  Then, use the feature that allows you to select titles from the FWIW database.    This does two things for you:

If the title is not on FWIW, just enter the title and publisher.  That's all you need.

Once the title has been entered, either by making the link to the FWIW title, or by entering the title and publisher, use the Web Download window to link it to a GCD title.   Here's how:

Click the Web button on the Title Maintenance window toolbar

Change the keywords (next to the Search button) if that makes sense, and then click Search

All the matching titles will display in the grid

If you have questions about which is the correct title, click a title, and then click the Show Web Title Details.  This will display additional info about the title which should help you find the correct title

Select the correct title in the list, and then click the Update Row Title buttonROW will now update your title data.  Most, if not all of the data, will have been entered from the FWIW link, but this insures that you get everything.  ROW will also write the Web Title Id to your ROW record so you don't have to do this process again for this title. 

Close the Web Download window

Now we are done with the title.  As mentioned above, you can do this for one title and then do the issues for that title, or enter a bunch of titles, and then do all the issues, whichever you think is best.

Now, for the issues.

I suggest you use the Batch Entry feature to create "shell" or "template" records for each of your issues.   Once that is done, use the Web download to pull all the rest of the data.  Here's How:

From Title Maintenance, click the Issues button.  This will bring up the Issue Detail window, ready to add a new issue.

You must enter one "template" record for each title, with very minimal information, so the Batch Entry process can use it.

Enter the title (should be pre-filled already) and issue number of the first issue you own for this title.

Enter any of the other information that you want carried to each record that DOES NOT come from GCD.  Things like location, source, condition, price guide, purchase date - information specific to your issue.  The Batch Entry process will carry all this info to the records it creates.

DO NOT ENTER THE ISSUE DATE ON THIS RECORD - the download process will fill that in.

Save the record.

Right mouse click and select Batch Entry from the pop-up menu

Fill in all the issues you want to create - leave all the check boxes unchecked

Click OK - ROW will not create shell records for each of the issues entered.

Now, back to the Web download window to get the issue info:

Open the Title Maintenance window

Click the Web button.  This will bring up the Web Download window

We're assuming you've already linked the title, so click the Web Issue Search tab

Regardless of whether you are displaying all issues, or only those not yet updated, you should see all the issues you just created in the Batch Entry process.

Turn on the Retrieve Images option if you wish, and enter the image path.

Click the Update Row Issue Data

Depending on the speed of your machine, your internet connection, and the number of issues to download, this could take a while.  The status should give you an idea of how long it will take.

Once the process is complete, all your issue records should be fairly complete (assuming they were on GCD).  If they were not on GCD, that means all you have right now is the "template" record.  I suggest you delete those, and then use the Dup feature to re-enter them.  That will pull all the info with as few keystrokes as possible.

Using this method, you should be able to enter a large number of issues fairly quickly with very few keystrokes.

If you have any other suggestions, please pass them along.