The Image List Window:  Associating multiple images to an individual issue

Click on the Edit Image list button (on the Comments / Art tab) on the Issue Detail window to display the window below.

This window looks and works like many of the others.  Here you can add new images, change the image of existing images, delete images (not the actual file, just the link to it).  In Realms, turn on the Cue Cards and hold the mouse over any label or button on the window to get more information about what that field / button does specifically.

darkclaw.png (101423 bytes)

Just like with any of the images, you can view the image by clicking on the thumbnail.   You have several resizing options as well:

  • fit the window to the default size of the image
  • manually adjust the image to any size you want without keeping the scale
  • Fit the image to the window, keeping the scale intact

Note:  Realms is not image veiwing software, so it will never be as powerful as all the great image software out there.