Assigning Images from the Title Maintenance Window

For those of you who would like to link image files to your issues, I've added a few fields to the title maintenance window, which should make this process very easy, especially if you put all the images fow a specific title in their own directory, and have a standard naming convention.

This also works great with web sites that have a large collection of covers.  If you download a title at a time, extract the files into their own directory, and fill in the appropriate data as explained below, Realms will link everything together.  You don't have to go in issue by issue and do it (way to tedious).

Because of the additional fields, and space limitations, the Title Maintenance window is now divided into 2 "tabs".

The first, labeled Title Data is for the "key" data, information that I feel most users will probably want to track.

The second, labeled Miscellaneous Data is additional information that many users may not consider critical. Therefore, you may bypass this tab completely, if you wish.  All of the fields related to the image locations are on this second tab.

title_tab_2.png (8201 bytes)

To get information on any of the image related fields, click on the field in the image above (or scroll down and find it yourself).

There are 4 image location fields

  1. Image Path

  2. Image Prefix

  3. Image Extension

  4. Issue Number Format

If you fill in any of these fields, Realms can "construct" image file names for you, based on this information and the issue number.

Realms will use the image prefix, the issue number and the extension to create the file name. It will format the issue number based on the issue format field.

For example, if you are entering the title for "Rising Stars", and you enter the image path as "c:\images\rising stars", the prefix as "rsv1_", the extension as "jpg" and the issue format as "001", Realms could determine that any image files you have for this title would be at "c:\images\rising stars\rsv1_001.jpg", "c:\images\rising stars\rsv1_002.jpg", etc.

Image Path:

Enter (or select using the Image Path button) the default path for where you would like to store the image files FOR THIS TITLE, on your machine. If you leave this blank, but fill in any of the other image location fields, Realms will use the path where the application is installed.

Image Prefix:

Enter the prefix you would like Realms to use for the actual image name for each of the images associated with issues for this title. This would probably be some type of abbreviation for the title.  For example, "asm" for Amazing Spider-man, "rs" for Rising Stars, etc.  I would assume the names are case sensitive, just to be safe.

If your images use only the issue number in the name, leave this blank.

Issue Extension:

Enter the extension (suffix, file type - jpg, gif, png, etc.) you would like Realms to use for the actual image name for each of the images associated with issues for this title. Realms will default to jpg, assuming at least one of these fields is filled in.

Issue Number Format:

Enter the format of the issue number (basically, how many leading zeroes you'd like to see). The default is to use the issue number as is (1, 2, 3, etc.).   However, this can lead to sorting problems.

If the issue numbers have been formatted (001, 002, 003, etc), enter the format as it would appear for issue 1.  1 leading zero would 01, 2 would be 001, etc.

Sample Image Path and File Name:

Realms will use all the entries in the above fields to build a "sample" path for the image that would be assigned to issue 1.  The full path and file name will display here.  This makes it easy to see if your entries will result in the actual paths and names you want.  If you make sure this matches the actual image file names, Realms can "hook up" the appropriate issues to there image files.

Overwrite Existing File Names:

If you already have images assigned to some issues, and you want to leave those as is, leave this box UNCHECKED.  If you want Realms to overwrite the path to the primary image, if it exists, with the path generated by your entries, turn this option on.

By default, Realms will only add the image file path and name to issues where no primary image is already entered. In cases where you move or rename image files that where already linked to the issues, you may want to turn this on.

File Must Exist:

If you want Realms to update the Primary Image location with the name of a file only if that file actually exists at the specified location, turn this option on.

If you download images a title at a time, and not all images are always there, it's a good idea to turn this option on. That way, it will only link issues to images that actually exist.

If you are planning to download the files at some other time, and you want to update the primary image field regardless of whether or not the image files are currently on your system, leave this turned off.

Update Image Locations button:

Click this button to actually run the process that updates the image locations of the issues associated with this title, based on your entries.

Select Image Path button:

This is simply an ease of use button. Click the image path button to bring up a standard file selection window. Select ANY FILE in the destination path (it doesn't matter - it only uses the path, not the actual file name), and Realms will fill in the image path field with the path selected.  This is easier and more accurate than typing the path name in manually.