Image Viewer Window

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   You can display all the images associated with the active issue at once, and, you can  display the images all the time, if you wish.  This includes the primary image that is set on the Comments / Art tab of the Issue Detail window, as well as all images from the Image List window.  The primary image, if it exists will always be the first image shown.

Important:  There is a technical restriction on how many images can be displayed based on the size.  Therefore at 300% of thumbnail, and full size, if you have a lot of images associated with one issue, they may not all display.  To get around this, display them at a smaller size so they all display.   If you then click on any thumbnail, the full size image will display for that thumbnail.

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You can align the images horizontally (as shown above), or vertically (as shown to the left)

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Right mouse click on any image to bring up the viewer menu which has the alignment and sizing options, as well as the option to open the Image List Window, where images can be added and deleted, and information about them can be edited.

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You can open the viewer window by clicking the Show All Images button on the Comments / Art tab of the Issue Detail window


you can select the Display All Issue Images from the Issue Options menu

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If no issues exist for the active issue, you will see the clever little image to the right

viewnoimage.png (7915 bytes)

If Realms cannot find the issue at the path you have specified, you will see this image to let you know that something is a miss.   make any changes / corrections on the Image List window, or the Comments / Art tab of the issue Detail window, in the case of the primary image.

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