Linking ROW Titles to FWIW Titles while entering the titles into ROW

Those of you familiar with FWIW know that there is a window where you have to link the title, as it appears in ROW, to the title as it appears in FWIW.

Now, you can get this link established, and name the titles the same, while entering or updating the title information in ROW.

If the FWIW database (VALUPDATE.MDB), exists in the same directory as ROW (C:\REALMS50, is the default), you will see a small button with a question mark to the left of the Title field FWIW_button.png (215 bytes).  Clicking this button displays the FWIW Titles window.

If you are entering a new title, click the New button first, which will clear all the fields.  Then click the FWIW Titles button.   If you want to check on an existing title, make that title the active record, and then click the button.

As mentioned, clicking the button displays the FWIW Title Window

FWIW_Titles.png (11407 bytes)

To restrict the number of titles to look through, enter or change any keywords.  Select which options you wish to use foe matching against titles.

Entire word match means the title must have the entire word in it.  In the example above, any title with the words "Amazing" and "Spider-man" would meet this criteria.

Any part of word match means the keywords could be only part of a word.  For example if I entered "Spider" as a keyword, and selected this option, any title with a word containing "spider" would match - "Spider-man", "Spider-girl", "Monster Spiders from Hell", etc.

All Keywords means the title must contain them all.

Any Keywords means return any titles that have any of the keywords.  In the example above, if you changed it to Any Keywords, "Amazing Adventures of Superman" would also return, because it contains the word "Amazing".

The keywords are not case sensitive.

After making your entries/selections, click the Search button and the list will be refreshed with titles from FWIW that match your criteria.

Then, select the appropriate title.  When you click the OK button, ROW will update the current record with the FWIW data, and make the connection to that title so your monthly updates work properly.

On an existing title, ROW will only update fields that are blank.  The only exception to that is the Comments fieldROW will add the FWIW comments to any existing comments (one time only).