Image of the Monthly Expense window

I Spent How Much Last Month on this "Hobby"?

Many of you may not know the answer to the above question, and even more of you may not want to know, but, regardless, Realms of Wonder will tell you how much you actually spend on what other, less informed individuals might consider a somewhat frivilous hobby.

Be Warned: You may want to keep this information highly confidential, especially if you have a significant other who isn't as crazy as you are about comics.

There are several levels of expense reports (graphical displays where it makes sense). The first shows you how much you've spent by month for any 12 month period (see below).

Each graph has drill down capability, which means you can click on the graph and drill down to the detail for that portion of the graph.

Once you expenses for each month are displayed, you can click on a particular month to see how much you spent each day of that month.

If you then click on a specific day, Realms will display the actual issues you purchased on that day.

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