Image of the Distribution by Publisher

I Must be a Fan Boy, 'cause look how much of my collection is Marvel titles?

If you've ever wondered what kind of titles you buy most often, well, here's one way to start to answer that question. Realms of Wonder will tell you how much of your collection is Marvel, Image, etc., so you can get some idea of the distribution of your collection by publisher. You can also run the exact same report by source, if you'd like to see where you buy most of your comics (and therefore, where you might have some influence, they they lose you as a big time customer).

Be Warned: Those of us who attempt to pride ourselves on staying away from the more mainstream comics may be surprised to find out how much really comes from the big 2 or 3 publishers (thus the cry of the disallusioned fan boy, above in the title)..

Once your distribution by publisher or source is displayed, you can click on a specific publisher to see which titles you have from that one.

If you then click on a specific title, Realms will display the actual issues you own for that title back on the Detail window.

Below is a larger, though, admittedly, still somewhat fuzzy image of the Distribution window, just for your edification.