Download the fully functional demo version now, and try before you buy !!! 

Download the Realms of Wonder Demo Version Right Here

The installation files for Realms are fairly large, even the "split up" version.  If you have trouble downloading, there are many utilities to decrease download time, as well as pick up where a download left off.
  Real Download Basic (it's free) is the one I use.

Important:  make sure you understand the concept of Changing the Active Title in Realms when you first start entering data.

Important II:  Please be sure to download the Latest Demo Version file below, in addition to the ROW50.EXE file.   This will insure that you have the latest demo version.  This is necessary to make sure the demo version can download from GCD.

32 bit:  Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP users - download here

File Name





16,698,456 bytes

(last updated 11/06/2003)
This is the demo installation of the 32 bit version.  It requires a minimum screen resolution of 600 x 800.
LATEST_DEMO.EXE 5,041,447 bytes 5.8.6
(last updated 04/06/2009)
This brings the demo installation above up to the latest release (still in demo mode).

This is important because you need version 5.7.8 or newer in order for the GCD download to work properly.

If you want everything to work as it should, you need to download and extract this file after you install the full demo file above.  Install this into the same directory where you installed ROW (the default is C:\REALMS50)

or, if you prefer to download in smaller chunks.   You still need to download the LATEST_DEMO.EXE from above after the files below are installed.

File Name





6,108,442 bytes

5.5.92 (last updated 11/06/2003) Part 1 of 3


4,791,837 bytes

5.3.0 (last updated 10/15/2002) Part 2 of 3


7,731,260 bytes

5.3.0 (last updated 10/15/2002) Part 3 of 3

Download each file above, and run each from Windows Explorer (double-click on it).   Each will extract the files, and then run the appropriate Setup program.   Parts 2 and 3 have not changed since 5.3.0.

These are standard Windows installation programs.  Download the file you select from above into any directory - "MyDownloads" is fine (or any directory).  Once complete, double click on that file on your machine, which will then initiate the installation program

Once complete, there should be a shortcut on your Start / Programs Menu on your desktop.  The actual program being run is REALMS50.EXE

If you run into any problems downloading the demo version, please send me EMail so I can help resolve any problems

The files above are fairly big (sorry about that, but Realms does a lot). Make sure when your finished downloading, that the file on your machine matches the file size listed above. If not, the download didn't finish properly, and you will have to try again, or pick up from where you left off. I know it can be a pain, but trust me on this one, it's worth it.

You can register quickly and easily online through Paypal or Regnet

Register as a Realms of Wonder user

As mentioned above, you can download a fully functional demo version of Realms of Wonder, absolutely free, so you can try it to your heart's content (sort of).

The demo version is exactly the same as the regular version with one fairly significant exception: you can only enter up to 200 issues (100 issues in the 16 bit version). After that, you will get a friendly message which informs you that you must register as a user before adding any new records. You can still change and/or view the records you've already entered, but you won't be able to enter any new ones.

Just a few technical facts you may be interested in. Realms of Wonder is a Windows based (Windows 3.1 or better required) application. There is both a 16 bit and 32 bit version available, as you see.

The 32 bit version is the current version, and the one that will continue to be enhanced.  It requires at least Windows 95, and a screen resolution of at least 600 x 800.

The 16 bit version runs fine under Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, 2000 (and Windows NT for that matter), and I will continue to support it, but I will not be making additional enhancements to it.

If you run into any problems at all, PLEASE E_MAIL ME so I can fix them.