Display Title

It is ultimately your responsibility to insure that the Title values in Realms are unique, but Realms tries to make it a little easier.

On the Title Maintenance window, there is a field called Display Title.

disp_title.png (881 bytes)

This is the field that actually displays in any of the list boxes, tables or reports that show the title of a comic. The intent of this field is to be unique, so that you can select the correct title.

There are a number of fields that can actually be involved in making a title unique. They are, as I see it, the title itself, the volume number, the publisher, the series type and the original published date. By default, Realms will use the Title and Volume number in the Display Title field. It`s up to you if you want to include any, or all of the others.

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You can decide what fields to include in the Display Title by selecting Preferences from the Options menu or by selecting Set Display Title Options from the Title Options menu on the Title Maintenance window (see image to the left).  If you right mouse click on the Title Maintenance window, you will pop-up this menu.

Either way this will bring up the Title Display tab of the Preferences window

titleopt.png (8622 bytes)

Check the appropriate boxes to include the volume, publisher, series type or published date(s) in the Display Title field. A preview of how the title will display, using Gen 13 as an example, will appear below the check boxes.

This way, you can control how much you want to show in the titles. Don`t forget that you can manually change the Display Title field as well, but Realms tries to make that unnecessary to avoid extra keystrokes on your part.

If you select the Automatically update Display Title on New Records only, Realms will pre-fill the Display Title field as you enter new records, but it will not change the Display Title as you make changes to existing records. The All Records option will reflect any changes you make to new or existing records as you make them, regardless of whether it's new record being added, or an existing record being updated.

Note: As of version 5.0.94, you can make batch changes to the titles on existing records as long as you select Set Display Title Options from the Title Options menu on the Title Maintenance window.   In this case, the  upd_btn.png (575 bytes) Update Existing Titles button will be enabled.  After selecting the appropriate options, if you click this button, Realms will change all titles that are currently in the Title Maintenance list.   This gives you the ability to restrict the title change to only select titles (use the Find option to select any titles you wish).

Once the process starts, the text on the button will change to Stop Update Process.  Click that if you wish to abort the title update process.