Tips for organizing and standardizing Creative Teams on the Web Download

GCD, which is where the web download gets it's data, uses the following Creative Team Roles:

Creative Team Role Sample Sequence Number
Cover Artist 010
Cover Pencils  020
Cover Inks 030
Cover Colors 040
Script 050
Scripter (both appear) 055
Co-plot 060
Co-plotter (both exist)  065
Dialogue 070
Translation 075
English Adaptation 080
Pencils 090
Art Assistant 095
Inks 100
Colors 120
Separations 130
Separation 132
Letters 140
Associate Editor 150
Assistant Editor 160
Assistant Managing Editor 170
Managing Editor 180
Editor 190
Uncredited 500

The roles in bold are the primary roles.  The others are "sub-roles" I've discovered thus far.  Please report additional ones to me as you find them.

Make sure each of this is entered in your Creative Team Roles window, and that you assign them a sequence number that puts them in the order you wish.  In the listing above, you see the sequence number I assigned.  By doing this, the Creative Teams will be entered in a consistent order.  Leave some numbers between each sequence, so as new ones appear, you cam put them in the correct order.